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Madison County SCD Annual Banquet

March 7th -


Over 100 guests attended our Awards & Appreciation Banquet. Kenneth Williams, who retired in January after 30 years as a Soil Conservationist with NRCS, was presented a Distinguish Service Award for his 20 years of service to the District. Guest speaker, David Blackwood, a civil engineer with the West Tennessee River Basin Authority, discussed the conservation work the Basin Authority has done and are planning to do in and around Madison County. David  discussed the Floodplains and Wetlands they plan to restore along the Forked Deer Rivers and the many benefits these restoration projects will provide the residents of Madison County. Everyone was treated to a steak or chicken dinner. At the conclusion of the meeting there was a drawing for the 20 potted plants that decorated the tables, along with the head table centerpiece, and 4, $25 gift cards from Four Seasons Nursery. Matt Griggs, Griggs Farms, was recognized as the District's Outstanding Cooperator of 2016. (Article follows below)


Madison County SCD District Cooperator of the Year

Banquet March 7th -

Matt Griggs is excited about soil conservation and the prospects of improving soil health. He has worked closely with the District and NRCS to protect and conserve his cropland in Northeast Madison County. His cropland has several conservation practices that he maintains. He rotates his crops, soil tests regularly, practices precision agriculture, and has been no-tilling for several years. Although no-till had significantly reduced soil erosion and improved his farming operation Matt is convinced that he can enhance his no-till operation with winter covers. By planting a mix of covers including Cereal Rye, Rye Grass, Turnips, Radishes, Oats, Buckwheat, Vetch, Crimson Clover, and other covers Matt seeks to greatly improve his soil's physical, chemical, and biological properties. Matt is convinced that through the use of no-till and winter covers he will significantly improve the soil organic matter and this will lead to a host of benefits including better infiltration, less runoff, less erosion, drought tolerance, less weed preasure, better nutrient utilization, and improved profitability.  Matt attends soil health meetings to learn from others and to share his experience as an attendee and as a speaker. He has worked with the District, NRCS, and UT; allowing them to visit his farm to conduct soil health training and research. Matt is recognized as one of 30 Tennessee Soil Health Heroes featured in the NRCS Soil Health YouTube video series, on the Tennessee Association of Conservation Districts (TACD) Soil Health Heroes page, and on the National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD) Soil Health Champions Network page. Matt was recently recognized for his conservation work by the American Soybean Association as their 2017 Southern Region's Conservation Legacy Award Winner.  


Kenneth Williams Retires

January 3, 2017 -

Kenneth Williams retired from NRCS on January 3rd after 34 years of NRCS service. Kenneth worked his last 20 years as a soil conservationist stationed at the Jackson Field Office serving the Madison County SCD District Cooperators. On January 18th the District hosted a retirement reception to commemorate Kenneth's service. From 1:00 until 4:00 family and friends stopped by to wish Kenneth the best. Kevin Brown, State Conservationist with NRCS, presented Kenneth a plaque for his NRCS service. Kenneth spoke to the group as he reflected on the many relationships he had formed throughout his 34 year career. Kevin led off with the first of many kind words spoken on behalf of Kenneth. Kenneth is planning on remaining in Madison County where he is exploring job opportunities but for now he is looking forward to devoting more time to his church and family. Kenneth has served the District well. We wish him well but will miss his service. 





Soil Health Meeting Madison County SCD

Dec.  - Madison County SCD Office

Over forty soil health farmers from Madison, Chester, and Gibson Counties held a meeting at the Madison County SCD office in Jackson. Those present were treated to a hardy breakfast sponsored by Cannon Packaging Company. Farmers were eager to talk soil health and winter covers. Mike Hubbs facilitated a slide presentation that generated several questions and comments. During the break everyone went outside to view the rainfall simulator at work manned by Greg Brann and Mathew Denton.

Soil Health Training

Matt Griggs Farm - April


Madison County farmer Matt Griggs hosted a training session for NRCS field personnel. NRCS Specialists Doug Slaybough, Greg Brann, & Charlie Davis were there to assist field personnel test the quality of the soil using soil quality test kits. With the kit one can measure ten parameters of the soil deemed to reflect the overall health of the soil. The tests include soil respiration, infiltration, bulk density, electric conductivity, pH, soil nitrate, aggregate stability, the slake test, the earthworm test, and tests of water quality.



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Allen Verell, Chairman
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